Hi there,
My name is Birgitta and I live with my husband
in a beautiful village in northen Sweden.
My daughter live in a bigger town some miles from us.
She is born 1976. When she visit us
we often sing and play together...
I like honesty and kind-hearted people.
I stand for what I belive in.
I am always learning about life, and myself.
I dislike rude people, liars, people who hurt animals or children.

I love to take photos and I also enjoy graphic and webdesign.
History is also very interesting.

We have recorded seven songs.
I'm singing a duett with my husband three songs
and the rest we sing alone.
They are available to download. Here

I started to write HTML in janury 2002, and I think it's great fun
to design homepages. Internet is a very good place
to express feelings and thoughts, and I'm going to show it
in different ways, both in writing and illustrate.

Well, take a look in my home on the web :-)

( I update often )

All good wishes and blessings...


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

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