Oh, Loving God Who created them all,
From small creeping bugs to giraffes to tall. Who in our care Has placed your creatures. I ask, "Why is cruelty One of man's features?" Forced to give us food and pull our carts, have we no pity for their broken hearts?

Science and Medicine are yet another tool,
for causing them pain and being so cruel.
And when the circus Comes to town,
do we see their tears when the curtain goes down?
Some people wear fur as they stroll through the city,
I think it's so heartless and not very pretty.

Deep in the woods, a place some call their home,
they run in great fear from the hunters that roam.
Their sad eyes show us there's no understanding,
Why man is indifferent and so very demanding!
They give up their lives they give us their best,
All they are asking Is a place just to rest.

And so, My Dear Lord I Pray unto You,
Save a place in Your Kingdom for the animals too.

Ann Ketzlick
Šused with permission

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