I am honoured to recive these beautiful Awards
Thank you all!

19 January 2003

Thank you Fantasy Fights for this lovely Award,
it vas kind of you.

18 January 2003

Tack snälla Carola för din vackra gåva till mig.
Jag blev jätteglad.

7 April 2003

Thank you MGB for this lovely gift.

I feel so honored to receive these Awards.
Thank you so much Marie!

Hello Birgitta,

Thank you for applying for my Award!..I have reviewed your site, and wish to congratulate you for the great job you've done!...You have a beautifully presented site with excellent navigation and content..It is my pleasure to award you with the new MBEAP International Art and Bronze Award, Congratulations!!..Because the MBEAP Awards are difficult to achieve, your website is considered as an excellent web site on the net!
Warmest regards, Marie.

MBEAP International Award Program

24 Mars 2003

Så glad jag blir när jag får en sådan vacker gåva.
Tack så jättemycket, Lena!

30 May 2003

Tack snälla Tashina för denna vackra Award.

29 June 2003

Thank you so much JAVIER ILS for these wonderful Awards.

28 February 2003

Tack snälla Camilla för din vackra gåva.

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