*My Youngest Brother*
2/12 1939 - 3/11 2004

I thought that I did not have to write on this page so soon... Once again we are one less in the home of my childhood. My youngest brother have left me.

Everything went so fast that I still not have understand what have happend.
He passed away after the terrible disease cancer.

Dearest Brother...

My heart is crying and I don't understand why you had to leave me.

When we were younger you and I used to play tennis and table tennis. We liked beeing with one another. You was also so good in painting... in oil and in watercolours. I am so happy and proud that your paintings were very popular on the art gallery.

And above all... I am so proud and happy that I had the opportunity to be your sister.

Mother, Father, Brother and Sister...
Take care of your son and brother.

Hugs from "Gittan"

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