6/3 1916 - 19/5 1978

21/12 1913 - 8/1 1971

My Sister
24/8 1936 - 10/1 1975

My Brother
2/12 1939 - 3/3 1992

My Youngest Brother
2/12 1939 - 3/11 2004


*My Youngest Brother*

Your time on earth was far too short.
Illness and un-happy circumstances shorten your lives.
You never got the chance to see my daughter grow up, she has become a wonderful caring and generous women.
I also met a wonderful man and we have been married more then 20 years now. I know that you would like him.

Dear Mother, you only saw my daughter a couple of times, but you did not feel well these times.
My husband did you not see.

Dear Father, you never saw my daughter or my husband. Oh, how I wish that you had seen my family.

Dear Brother, my husband went with me to the hospital, to see you.
You thought he had a great sense of humour and he made you smiling. My daughter did you not see often, you had always so much to do in your life...

Dear Sister, you did not have the chanse to see neither my daughter or my husband. What a wonderful family your "little sister" have got.

So much has happend since you all left me... Just think...Who could belive that I would sit right in front of a monitor and write down my thoughts to you. All I write, the hole world can see. It's amacing what mankind can do these days...

I will also thank you my dearest ones, for all wonderful moments we have chared.
All our cosy evenings when we sang and played guitar.

Many years have passed now, but the memory of you will I always keep in my heart. I think of you and I know that you my loved ones have a good time now. I belive that you look down from heaven and see what happens in my life.

Hugs from "Gittan"


Top painting "Stairway to Heaven" by Jim Warren

Backgrounds by Birgitta

Birgitta Broström COPYRIGHT 2002